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turbina roletada x turbina normal "Seguir-se com 100 km / h, como ele tocará Shaheen?"-o Twitter reage como Rohit Sharma diz que Jhulan Goswami o incomodou com suas entregas insuais

'Seguir-se com 100 km / h inswing, como ele vai tocar Shaheen?'-o Twitter reage como Rohit Sharma diz que Jhulan Goswami o incomodou com suas entregas inswing

Depois de competir na série internacional de um dia contra a Inglaterra, o veterano jogador rápido Jhulan Goswami da Índia planeja desistir em sua carreira no críquete internacional.O jogador do braço direito provavelmente terminará sua carreira como jogador que levou mais postigos na história do críquete internacional feminino.Ela jogou pela Índia em um total de 12 testes, 201 internacionais de um dia e 68 vinte e mais internacionais, e levou 44, 251 e 56 postigos, respectivamente.

In the meanwhile, the captain of the Indian men’s cricket team, Rohit Sharma, has expressed his gratitude to the veteran bowler and revealed that he had a difficult time confronting Goswami in the practice nets. The conversation continued with Rohit stating that Goswami’s excellent in-swing bowling left him speechless.

What did Rohit Sharma say about Jhulan Goswami?

“When I was injured at NCA, I talked to her a few times. She was there, too, and we were practicing together. And her in-swinger gave me something to think about. So, there was a lot of talk going on. She asked for some things, and I told her some things,” Rohit said this at a press conference before India’s home series with Australia.

“Every time I’ve seen her play, she’s been so excited to play for her country. I don’t know how old she is, but even now she is running in hard and trying to knock out batters, which tells you something. So, it shows how much she cares. I can only hope for the best for her. She’s a once-in-a-generation player,” he added.

Goswami will be participating in the one-day international match between India and England that will take place at the County Ground in Hove. During the first innings, the experienced bowler bowled quite effectively, as shown by the fact that she allowed only 20 runs over the course of her 10 overs and took one wicket. As a result of her efforts, the host side was only able to score 227 runs in their allowed 50 overs. This was a significant victory for the Women in Blue.

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